Art Commissions & Portfolio

Commissions openings are posted via Twitter/Discord.If you're interested in commissioning me, feel free to contact me via social media or e-mail (links below.)

Fullbody - $50

Shading: +$15
Extra Character: +75%
NSFW: +$10

Chibi - $30

Shading: +$10
Extra Character: +75%
NSFW: +$10

Busts - $30

Shading: +$5
Extra Character: +75%

Icons - $30

*Hypno/blinking icons: +$10
Background: +$10
paired icons: +75% per extra

START @ $100

starting price includes front and back only.
add-ons can be discussed via e-mail/direct message via quote.

START @ $55

digital-only: $55
laminated, cut, and shipped: $75

On-Base: $40
Off-Base: $80

One of my own bases, or one I've purchased is used to put a custom design on.
Completely unique linework and design, can come with small details like headshot and hand/paws.


$45/hourThis option is completely experimental, meaning you need to be comfortable with me doing anything I'd like as far as shading, coloring, backgrounds, etc.This option serves for me to practice!

terms of service

General▶ i will never ask you to pay through friends & family (on paypal.) if you suspsect someone is pretending to be me, ask for extensive proof that they are me. my paypal e-mail will always be, and my link will always end in brdey.
▶ your commission may be used for advertisement of my commissions.
> if you'd like your art to not be used in this manner, please let me know this beforehand.
▶ i can deny your commission and/or payment for any reason. if i do not want to do business with you, i won't.
▶ i will not provide the source files (ie. .psd, .sai, .csp) for my commissions unless previously discussed. if you'd like the source files, it will be an additional $15.
> once source files are provided, you're free to edit them for personal use. you are not allowed to distribute or re-use the work in the source files for any reason. the watermark must stay in the image.
Edits▶ asking for edits are perfectly fine during the sketch phase. all edits during the sketch phase are free.
▶ any edits requested after the sketch phase will incur a $5 charge.
Payment▶ prices are marked as usd, and you must pay in usd!
▶ please send your payment marked as digital art and/or your address as non-applicable. paypal will begin holding payments on people who have their address marked in the payment, and when you mark that there is no track information-- i will be required to fill out a form. please be on top of sending your payment without your address attached. you can do so by clicking on the box with your address and marking it 'no address needed.' thank you.
▶ i require that payment is sent before i begin your commission. when the invoice or request is sent out, i have a waiting period of 24 hours before i cancel it. if you're still interested in commissioning me after that point, just recontact me.
> i'm willing to take payment plans, but i will not begin the commission until you've fully paid off your quoted price.
> a down-payment, first payment of a payment plan is required to be at least 25% of the quoted commission price.
> your first payment in a payment plan is non-refundable down-payment, and will not be sent back to you even if you decide against the commission. if there is something on my end that makes me unable to start or complete your commission, the payment will be refunded to you as that would be my fault. your down-payment is a spot in my queue that will go uninterrupted.
▶ when a commission exceeds a high amount, i will require you to pay via invoice. this is to give me safety in your commission, and allows me to keep track of large payments easier.
▶ i do not do discounts on commissions unless specifically stated otherwise (ex. emergency commissions.)
▶ you must be of the age 16 or older to commission me!
> if you're planning on commissioning/paying me via your parents/relatives money, i will ask you to prove you have permission to do so.
> if i suspect that you are under the age of 16, i may ask to verify your age via social media presence. no ids will be asked to be shown.
> obviously, you must be 18 or older to commission nsfw themes from me.
Communication▶ you will receive multiple wips and progress pictures when they're requested, and when they're available! all wips and progress is also posted on my public queue, and you're able to see the images there.
▶ please do not message me every day about progress pictures. i understand being excited about a commission, but i'm a busy person sometimes and working on multiple commissions at once. you're free to message me whenever you'd like, but you may not get an immediate response if i'm busy.
i have many social medias that you're able to track me down to! here are some of the medias i'm active or semi-active on:
toyhouse: brdey
twitter: @itsbrdey
furaffinity: brdey
comm. e-mail:
paypal link:
▶ i go in the order in which i've received commissions. sometimes i will deviate and finish smaller commissions if i feel i need to break from the current project i'm working on.
Refunds▶ i will not provide refunds unless it's been 4 months after the payment was taken. if it's an emergency, please discuss that with me.
▶ in the event that you'd like to refund your commission, please let me know beforehand and i will discuss the further steps in doing so. do not refund yourself with a chargeback. you are guaranteed a refund before a certain point in the commission stage, so please contact me beforehand and i will personally refund you the commission.
▶ you're entitled to a refund in the beginning stages of your commission. be aware of what your commission's refund would look like past a certain point. thank you!
> after you've received your sketch and you do not like it, nor the changes that are made to it-- you're entitled to a full refund.
> when lining has been finished, you're entitled to a 25% refund.
> after coloring has been finished, you're not longer entitled to a refund.
▶ if i receive a chargeback from you during a commission:
you will be privately and/or publicly blacklisted. your commission will be turned into a ych or base. you lose your right to using the image, regardless of it being of your character. i will ensure that the image is taken down in areas that you have it publicized.
Adopts & Designs▶ when purchasing an adoptable, please do not sell the adopt for more than you'd purchased from me.
> you're free to sell the adopt for what you paid for in commissions and such. but if you're selling the base adopt, please do not sell for higher than you'd bought them for.
▶ you're totally free to change any part of the design, or completely change the species.
▶ if you purchase an adopt, and i get a chargeback from you-- i have the right to re-claim the adopt from you, or anybody that purchased said design from you. i will keep or re-sell them for their previously sold amount.
▶ please credit me properly here on toyhouse (brdey) or on any other medias. if you need my other medias, please feel free to contact me!
Auctions & OTAs▶ if you're participating in an auction and/or ota from me for an adopt, ych or any other related sales, you must have the funds ready before you place a bid. if you'd like a hold or payment plan, this is to be discussed before the payment is asked for.
▶ you're participating in an auction, where others are bidding. if you drop out your bid for a non-emergency reason, you will be blacklisted from buying anything from me again.
Commission Contents▶ i require that your have a character reference of some kind for me to be able to begin your commission. if you don't have one, a description would be considered a custom and that would be an additional +$10 to be able to perfect the image you're looking for. this may require many takes to get it right.
▶ when getting a commission with multiple characters, each individual character after the 1st will be just an additional +75% of what the original costs instead of the original 100%!
NSFW Commission Contents▶ i refuse to do the following fetishes/contents: diaper/cub, scat, water sports, bestiality (please ask about what you'd like to get done and i'll let you know personally if that's okay or not if you don't see the subject listed here already.)
▶ upon request you can receive a nsfw and a sfw version but this has to be specified beforehand, as during the commission process i may merge the layers.